My Weight Loss: Day 1


My Weightloss: Day 1

Sometimes I find the first day the hardest – even though I’m full of motivation.

The first day is usually spent looking forward and thinking to myself “just think, this time next week you will have been doing it for a week and you’ll be so glad you did”.

I also overthink about what I’m going to eat and do during the day.

As a stay-at-home-mum of two young kids, there’s no way I want to go to the gym. I’d much rather go for a walk, if I can, or do nothing.

I also want to focus on food, and water intake.

So here’s my plan:

  • Drink more water
  • No calorie counting
  • Make better food choices – this means more whole foods, less processed foods
  • Be 100 million percent gluten free, forever and ever and ever
  • Exercise as much as I can
  • Follow the 16:8 fast (fast for 16 hours, eat regularly for 8)

Here’s how my first day went:

  1. Woke up – had a coffee
  2. Had another coffee
  3. Drank water
  4. Had a cup of tea
  5. Drank more water
  6. At 12pm, my 16 hour fast was up (I stopped eating at 8pm the night before)
  7. LUNCH: chicken and steamed broccoli with a tablespoon of Best Foods Mayo (it’s gluten free!)
  8. SNACKS: Apple, Mandarin, Wine (I’m not a monster)
  9. DINNER: Asparagus & Sour Cream Fettuccine (gluten free)

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