New World’s Little Kitchen

DISCLAIMER; this is a freaking long post, but IMO totally worth the read.  Grab a drink (preferably a wine) and get settled in!


logoWell, well, well … it’s that time of our lives again – New World’s Little Kitchen!

We didn’t really partake in the last one, but when I was invited to check out what the latest Little Kitchen series had install for us, I was ASTOUNDED.

They got Sam Bompas & Harry Parr to perform a whole heap of experiments, which were recorded, and can be seen online at … I have seen all of them and so far my favourite is the Jelly Face.  Seriously, that is one I would do if I had an easy way to make a mould out of my face …

You guys know me, and I’m all about keeping sane and kids happy, so this is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY.

On the New World Little Kitchen website, you can find experiments by Sam Bompas & Harry Parr, as well as from every-day-Kiwi’s like you and me.  In fact, I actually recorded a couple of videos with my kids … I’ll be featuring them on my Facebook page, so be sure to keep an eye out for them!  For now, here are some photos from our experience:

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I have actually already been into New World to scope out the Little Kitchen supplies, and have seen a few cool buys you can do to get extra Little Kitchen collectables … Buy two Golden products and receive an exclusive Little Kitchen Mr Golden.  Buy two Nescafe Cafe World packs and receive an exclusive Little Kitchen Nescafe Mug.  ERMAHGERRRDDDD mini food items … COME AT ME BRO.

It was slightly addictive.  I walked around the store searching for these sweet buys … and in the process accidentally bought a few extra items.  Which, oh darn, meant I got a couple of Little Kitchen collectables – you get one collectable with every $40 spent.  They have 38 mini collectables and 5 bonus mini collectables.  To see the full range of minis and for more information visit

I am excited to see what sort of “special deals” they have in the coming weeks.  I love me a bargain, and even more so, a free Little Kitchen collectable LOLOLOL

ALSO, not only do you get a collectable, all the mini’s come with some kind of special effect – it could be a magnet, scratch n sniff, a sound, a cold or wet effect, warm effect, glitter effect or even glow in the dark …

Each collectable comes with a Lab Note, which are filled with fun recipes and experiments.

Also, New World have released some pretty funky kitchen utensils for sale.  I have picked up a couple of aprons, a dining set, and a cupcake set already, but I know they have a lot more – check out the image below!


Oh gees, sorry guys, this is ridiculously long.  Thanks for bearing with me on this 😀

I was sent a couple of things from New World for myself and my kids, but because I love sharing, I thought I’d give it to one of you:

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