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Is All About Our Emotions

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Today’s live chat is going to be all about our emotions.  Usually I ask my VIP Group (feel free to join!) what to talk about, but tomorrow I’ve decided to make it all about US parents.

Our emotions.  We have highs.  And lows.

Some of us get the “blues”.  Some of us get depression.  Some of us just have a really shitty time and it’s not given a label.

We all have our struggles.  We all have our shitty days.

Parenting isn’t easy, and I like to think that we are ALL in this together – in one way or another.

I am no expert on anything, but I can tell you about my experience and my thoughts on things.  Also, a HEAP of other people often join the conversation and are GREAT at offering advice.  It has happened before where I don’t know the answer (often actually haha), and other people have stepped in and been amazing.

So if you feel like chatting LIVE with me – join me on my Happy Mum Happy Child Facebook page at 930am NZ Time (today, Sunday 5th June). The video afterwards is ALWAYS kept, so you can watch it back.

Just so you guys know, I stream LIVE every Friday at 815pm (NZ Time) and every Sunday at 930am (again, NZ Time).  The Friday chat is always a bit more relaxed and we talk about anything and everything.  The Sunday one, is my Stalker Sunday video – where we talk about three specific topics.

However today is a bit different and I’d like to talk about our emotions / depression / the “baby blues”.

Will you join me?  Feel free to share this with anyone who may want to talk about this.



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