Friday Favourites: The One With The Play Set



The One With The Play Set


This week I haven’t had the greatest week.  I struggled a couple of times, with the kids.  Namely the plaster incident.  After the kids had a bath, I needed to pull my daughter’s plaster off – she screamed like I was attacking her and recoiled in fear.  Made me a bit upset .. HOWEVER … not my whole week was like that.  So here are my favourites from this week – please share yours with me too!


1. Parenting Truth Video Series

This week I started a video series called “Parenting Truth”.  You can subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep updated with these – I’ve got a few more coming!  Here’s the latest one …


2. Mocka Wooden Play Sets

I won a voucher from Mocka about a year ago, and hadn’t used it.  It was coming up to expiring, so I jumped on their website and scored three Wooden Play Sets – all on sale (exactly how I like it).  I got a Fairy Toadstool, a Pirate Ship and a Hospital.  They have been AMAZING for the kids.

Friday Favourites Mocka


3. Favourite Blog

This week I one of my closest friends Janice, started her blog – Nomel79.  She wrote a post this week that was really hard for me to read – she has had a lot of health troubles over the years, and I was upset mainly because I never truly realised how horrible it has been for her.  Of course on the surface I knew, but not deep down.  You can read about it here – Janice has a warning at the beginning as it has got graphic descriptions of what happened to her.  So if you have a weak stomach, please avoid.



4. Most Read Post

My most read post this week was the Cheesy Bacon & Chicken Bake – it’s been quite a popular recipe and I can tell you that it is absolutely delicious. Definitely great on a cold night!

Cheesy Bacon & Chicken Bake 03


5. Trampoline

The sun came out towards the end of the week, which meant we could FINALLY get on our new Springfree Trampoline!  We got to test out the new TGOMA technology and it’s pretty damn cool!  Blog post coming about this later …

Photo 3-06-16, 3 57 49 PM Smalla


Welcome to the Friday Favourites Link Up!

This is a link collaboration which we have started in the hopes that it will help all of us read some more blogs.  So this is your one-stop-shop for blogs!

Your hosts for Friday Favourites are myself (Happy Mum Happy Child), Lisasaurus, and Teacher by Trade, Mother by Nature.

If you decide you want to start writing your own Friday Favourites, you can include them here too.

To join the party, simply link to your favourite blog post.  It could be one you’ve written, or one you’ve read during the week which you really loved. Then visit a few other bloggers for a read and a chat.  A link back here on your post is appreciated ????

How it works:

  1. Find a post you’ve loved this week (it could be yours, or someone elses)
  2. Copy the link, and then click on the ADD YOUR LINK button, which is below
  3. Simply follow the instructions and post the link. TOO EASY!

Any giveaways will be deleted, and the link must point to a blog post, not just your blog.

Submissions open 7pm Friday!!


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