If Parents Talked IRL Like They Do Online

If Parents Talked IRL Like They Do Online

Imagine if people spoke to each other the way they do online. Actually after I watched this video I realise that some people DO speak to others like this! Especially when it comes to breastfeeding / bottle feeding. Some people just can’t help themselves!

Check out this video below as it’s freaking hilarious and ON POINT – how freaking horrible would it be if people talked like this:



We all know that when you post something online, you open yourself up to others. You open yourself up to opinions, judgement and criticism. Even a simple update saying “I went to get a coffee today” can cause weird comments to come out.

“Yuck coffee is disgusting”, or “you’re pregnant you shouldn’t be drinking coffee” or even “people who drink coffee are idiots” <– comments come from everyone about the silliest things.

Just remember when reading a comment that all types of people will be commenting. Try and not take things personally, and if necessary take a step back from the computer and realise “these are strangers who have no idea about your life”.

If you’re writing a post please remember that you are just one person with an opinion. Words can be taken any way so consider them carefully before posting.

Ultimately, if you’re after advice, take all advice on board and do with it what you want. You know what’s best for you and your family, and don’t let strangers online make you feel any less than you should.

Have you encountered this type of annoyingness on the internet?


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