I Feel Like He’s A Better Parent


These past four days I’ve been in Wellington have been lovely, but I actually missed the kids incredibly. Not only that, I missed my husband probably the most. Prior to me going to Wellington, he was in South America for almost 2 weeks – so by the time I got back and saw him, it was 14 days since I last saw him.

During the time I was in Wellington he was constantly sending me pictures and videos to show me what he was up to – he didn’t do this to make me feel bad, he was simply sharing what he was doing (because I asked). It was during this time that I started to feel a bit down.

I started feeling disappointed with myself – because it became quickly apparent that he was a better parent than me:

  • He baked with them
  • He went out loads with them
  • He didn’t let them watch the TV during the day
  • He let the kids make their own lunch
  • He managed to put a meal on the table at the end of the day that was more than meat and two vege
  • He gave the kids a bath every single night
  • The kids slept through the night with him

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Overall, I just felt like “golly maybe he should be at home with him and not me” …

  • Most days I struggle.
  • I hardly bake with them.
  • I take them out but not that often.
  • The TV goes on all the time
  • Dinner is always very basic
  • I never let them make their own lunches
  • If I’m on parenting duty alone, they don’t necessarily get a bath every night (depends on how dirty they are)

I realise that Phil’s experience with the kids, on the same level I usually have, is limited; He only had 4 days, whereas I’ve had 5 years. But still – looking in on it, it definitely made me feel like a bit of a failure as a parent.

I can totally learn from Phil though – he is truly an amazing parent and every day I wish I was more and more like him. So I can certainly strive to be better.

Do you guys understand what I mean? I realise the kids take different things from each of us, and his experience with the kids (like I said above) is only 4 days worth … but still. A small part of me is hugely critical of myself … well maybe a large part haha


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