Friday Favourites: The One About Wellington

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Friday Favourites: The One About Wellington

This week I was fortunate enough to be able to head to Wellington for a few days, to attend Emily Writes’ book launch. I loved this time away, but I missed my family incredibly. Coming back was a bit difficult, as I always feel a little out of it (I’m a routine gal) … but looking back on the week, I have nothing but positives coming to mind.

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FAVOURITE: Wellington

I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to Wellington this week to attend a couple of book launches of Emily Writes’, and also to have a moment to myself. Wellington really put on a couple of amazing days, and for that I was truly grateful. I walked around a whole heap and checked out some stores I might never normally get to see – one of my favourites was Moore Wilsons. What a freaking amazing store and I was SO impressed with their toy section. Actually was blown away by it.

The view from my room is just stunning. Wellington you are a beautiful (and windy) creature ❤

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FAVOURITE: Smaak Portable Charger

I walked around quite a bit and used my Google Maps app on my phone … and my Snapchat app … and my Facebook app. So my phone’s battery depleted within a matter of hours. It was on 1% when I was about to walk back home, so I was frantically trying to memorise the map on where to walk back … then I remembered I had this brilliant portable charger in my bag. The kind folks sent me one of these late last year, and I had charged it up, popped it in my bag and then completely forgotten about it.

I plugged it in, and instantly my phone battery picked up a whole heap – THANK GOODNESS! Saved my life haha

Taken from my Snapchat (happymumnz)



This has been a favourite of ours for a while now. Last year we got sent it and I gave it to my husband – because he’s the one who needs it HA! Essentially The Tile is a bluetooth device that you attach to your keys (or pop in your wallet), and if you misplace them, you just use your phone to find them. Believe me when I say my husband misplaces his keys ALL the time. And his wallet. AND they’re usually both in the same place together – hiding from him. So The Tile has been a godsend because it means he doesn’t panic.

Also, it has a reverse function on it – so if I hold The Tile in my hand, I can press it and it’ll make a sound on the phone. Perfect for scaring the shit out of him at 6am in the morning HAHAHA!


FAVOURITE: The Rydges Wellington

The real reason I booked the The Rydges was because their duvet covers looked fluffy. Seriously that’s it. I really appreciate a good duvet cover – none of this “single sheet” for a cover shit. I love fluffy heavy blankets. However, I got way more than I bargained for. I got an amazing view, friendly staff, to-die-for buffet breakfasts and overall a pretty awesome experience. If I ever go back to Wellington, I’m definitely heading there again. Thank you Rydges Wellington – had a blast with ya!



Some of you will remember but Phil has just spent almost 2 weeks away in South America. The day he came home was the day I left for Wellington. So we didn’t get to see each other, and he had to jump straight into the parenting role alone (although we do have loads of family to help). I was in awe of what he was able to do and I think he is absolutely amazing. He always surprises me in situations like these – and I know the kids had a huge amount of fun with him. Thank you Phil for really stepping up – especially when you were tired after such a long trip.


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