You Can Make Money From Blogging?

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You Can Make Money From Blogging?

WHAT?! You can make money from blogging?! Yep that’s right, you can.

If you build a big enough audience, and people want to hear what you’ve got to say, then you definitely can.

BUT my biggest piece of advice is: don’t set out to make money. Blogging is a journey, and should always start with wanting to write something. If you have a story to tell, work on telling that.

Recently interviewed me for a piece they were writing – you can read it HERE.

You can also read my post about Starting A Blog. This is where I share how easy it is to start your own blog, and about managing expectations.

Blogging to a large audience is a privilege in my mind. I am absolutely grateful people want to hear what I want to say, so any advertising opportunities that come my way I very carefully consider before going ahead with them.

I have an agency that helps to manage my work, because I do get a lot of requests. If you’d like to see any of my previous sponsored posts – you can view them all here. I also make a little bit from Google Adsense (ads on my website) but that’s not much.

Usually I am promoting a product or service that I agree with, believe in, or think you guys might like to hear about. I never do anything I don’t feel comfortable doing – you will never see me talking about credit cards purely because I don’t feel right doing so (and yes I get asked a lot).

Essentially, if companies want their products promoted, they will go to what the industry calls “online influencers” – basically people who have an audience so that they can help push out their product. Sometimes these influencers get paid in cash, or in product, or both.

I’ve always been open and honest with you about my sponsored posts. You’ll always know if a post is sponsored: I usually say “thank you blah blah for making this post possible” and then use the hashtag “Sponsored”. Within each blog (away from Facebook) it will also say if it’s sponsored.

Any money I make goes into fuelling my coffee addiction, and running my website and Facebook page. Occasionally I splurge on an extra bottle of wine though (for me) or Kinder Surprise eggs for my kids LOLOL

Whatever happens with Happy Mum Happy Child, first and foremost it’s a community for us Mum’s and Dad’s to come together and feel less alone in this parenting journey. Anything that happens on top of that, that helps to keep it running, I am completely and utterly grateful for.

Did you know people make money from blogging?


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