NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Is Pregnant And I’m Excited


Right, so let’s lay all the cards out on the table: The Prime Minister of New Zealand (Jacinda Ardern) is pregnant.

Like many millions of women before her, she is with child. The major difference is she is the leader of a country (obviously not a common thing).

I have read so many opinions on this. From people loving it, to people thinking it’s ridiculous and that she shouldn’t be Prime Minister; to people thinking it will be bad for the rest of the Mother’s here in NZ.

So I’m finally going to add my two cents worth in – and please remember just like everyone else, this is my opinion and how I feel. It’s ok if you don’t agree!


I am beyond excited for her and New Zealand.

As a Mother I am secretly chuffed knowing our PM will have a child and know what it’s like to be a Mother herself; because when you become a Mum I believe something shifts in your brain.

I am excited for our children who might benefit from this; and even us Mothers!

I don’t doubt PM Jacinda’s ability as a Mother or a Prime Minister one bit; and if something was to happen and she had to step down, then that’s completely and utterly up to her.

I am behind her 100% and gunning for a great outcome.

I am excited that her partner Clarke will be looking after the baby, as a stay-at-home-dad. I am looking forward to hearing his perspective on being a parent, and sharing what it’s like to be a Dad at home with a new born.

I have seen a few people saying that PM Jacinda’s pregnancy and being PM with a baby will set a precedent where people will say to other Mothers “well if the PM can do it all, why can’t you”.

To that I say “stand up for yourself and tell them to bugger off.” Every single person is different and we all need to have the courage to know that. I couldn’t run a country and be a parent, but that doesn’t mean PM Jacinda can’t.

And just because PM Jacinda can run a country and be a Mother, doesn’t make her better than anyone else. She is simply doing what she has to do in a unique situation.

I don’t think it will be easy for her, and I am sure she will struggle like we ALL have at some point; but I’m here standing with her. Virtually of course (because if I stood right next to her it might be a little creepy) hoping for the best.

So many other women go back to work and are amazing Mother’s, and employees, AND business owners.

There is no reason our own Prime Minister can’t achieve this.

So I’ve got faith.

And if for some reason she struggles so much she has to step down, then I’m also with her. We’re actually all in this together, and I think it’s really important no matter what happens, we’ve got her back.

No one knows what it will be like, not even her; so let’s be positive.

Because we’re Mothers – we of all people know how hard being a parent is. We know how rewarding it is. And we KNOW how much we are actually capable of.


BTW she’s only pregnant, she hasn’t even had the baby yet and so many people are already predicting doomsday.

I really loved what Megan from ZM said about this (so thanks Megan!):

What do you think? All opinions welcome but please remember to use kind words …


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