Pointlessly Gendered Children’s Toys


17 Pointlessly Gendered Children’s Toys

Pointlessly Gendered Childrens Toys
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I stumbled across the above link for pointlessly gendered children’s toys and felt the need to comment.

I personally try to avoid gender specific toys for my kids – unless they want them.  When my daughter was a baby, we bought her red, blue, purple, green, yellow toys… in fact we almost tried to avoid the cliche girly things just because we knew we wanted to have another kid and wanted to use the toys for both kids haha

My girl has pink clothes.  My boy has blue clothes.  They have lots of gendered stuff as it is, but when it came to toys, we tried to keep it “neutral”.

Some toys it was hard to avoid the choices – either blue or pink.  So usually we did the opposite haha

Our toy box is blue.  Our pram was red.  Even the sheets on my girls cot were green … thank goodness the kitchen we got form Kmart was blue and red!  LOVED that it wasn’t pink haha

One of the reasons  is because I wasn’t huge into pink myself, but also because it wasn’t necessary for us.  That was when they were babies – now they’re toddlers / pre-schoolers and have their own likes and dislikes.  Barbies and trains mainly haha

My girl loves pink frilly skirts, and my boy – well he couldn’t care less to be honest haha.

Do you have a lot of gender specific toys (colours)?


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