Horrible Post Written To Mums Who Shop At Kmart …



I came across an article online last night which was about a woman who had written a post in a Facebook group, about how mothers who shop at Kmart and/or salvation shops, don’t deserve to be parents.

She says it “disgusts me and don’t deserve children and should not have had children“. You can read the full post here:

Ok, and breathe.

For starters, she’s not even a parent yet. So breathe, and let’s all have a little giggle at the non-parent passing judgement …

Secondly, as a parent these types of shops that provide cheaper clothes are AMAZING for us as a family. We cannot afford a lot, and what we can afford we know will probably be ruined – because, well, KIDS.

The clothes I get from these cheaper type stores look great on my kids, and as I said above, I would much rather spend $5 on a tee shirt that could potentially get wrecked, than $40; but that’s just me.

There are loads of parents who don’t like shopping at Kmart, or the cheaper type shops – and that’s fine too! If you can afford to shop wherever you want, then go you good thing go!

Oh and “brand named food“?!

I hate to tell you this but 9 times out of 10, that food is just the same food as the brand named one, just packaged differently.

And if it’s not, then who cares. It’s food – we should feel incredibly lucky that our children eat because there’s so many others out there in this world who don’t have that luxury. Even unbranded food.

So at the end of the day, this “post” that was written by just a regular “non Mum” should just be ignored.

It’s a troll doing what they do best:

And we all have to remember to not feed the trolls …

And keep shopping at Kmart ok?!

Horrible Post Written To Mums Who Shop At Kmart …


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