Products You’ll Love From Kmart


Products You’ll Love From Kmart

Whenever I’m feeling down, stressed or just like I need to have my system reset, I visit Kmart; it’s like my home away from home.

However because life sometimes gets busy, I get stuck at home or doing other things with the kids. Thank goodness for Kmart online!

Here are some of the things I’ve found online that I think you would love (I know I do!):


Cars 3

Anything from the Cars 3 range really. OMG I love the Cars series, and I mean so do my kids LOL.


Dig Your Own Minerals Kit

My kids LOVE these type of activities


Waffle Maker

I already have one but this one looks amazing!


Bench Mixer

I know it’s not a Kitchen Aid but finally an affordable Bench Mixer LOL


Tee Pee Play Tent

Our house is small so I don’t know why I’d subject myself to this, but I think it’s cool


Ice Cream Cushion

I just want this because it looks cute LOL


These Cereal Bowls

OMG so ridiculously cute and awesomely cheap


3 Piece Dining Set

Would have totally gotten this for my kids when they were younger!


6 Piece Acacia Board With Bowls

This set is great for serving food to kids!


Jet Plane Spoon

OMG OMG OMG only $1


Freezer Food Pots

Again another great way to serve kids food is often in ice cube trays! Or these freezer food pots.


Milk Bottles

Perfect for drinks (duh) – our kids love these type of bottles


8 Piece Pantry Storage System

Perfect if you need to update your storage system but don’t have much money


Plastic Egg Carrier

You could put eggs in it, or food for your kids LOLOLOLLL


Stackable Bottle Holder



Anything From The Storage Section

So many helpful and useful things in here!


Water Magic Art Pack

My kids LOVE this pack – instead of pens, or paint, this uses water. NO mess and it’ll keep the kids entertained for a while.


Have you checked out Kmart online? It might make your day feel better … do a bit of window shopping. Add stuff to your cart … then see how you feel LOL


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