Raine Beau Lunch Box Review

Phunky Bento here in New Zealand sent me two Raine Beau lunch boxes – one to review, and the other to giveaway. I took the Kiwi Fruit one and gave it to Ronan, and have comprehensively tried it out …

Price: $49.50
Rating: 9/10

My Thoughts:
The Raine Beau is a large(ish), sturdy lunch box that holds a decent amount of food.

The overall capacity of the Raine Beau is greater than that of the Yumbox (although I haven’t tried the new Yumbox Tapas yet, so I can’t comment on that). Because the compartments seal individually, I could include yoghurt if I wanted to.

The only issue I have is that the box itself is a bit stiff to open – which meant my 3 year old did struggle from time-to-time. He eventually figured out how to pry it open, but it wasn’t as straight forward as I originally though.

Very durable – my boy dropped it on concrete a few times.

A bit of a pain to clean, but no more than any of the other ones.

The Apple / Yoghurt Test:
YES you can fit a small apple, but sadly NO not a yoghurt pottle. HOWEVER because it’s got sealed compartments, you can empty the contents of the yoghurt into one of them, and it will be fine.

Can my 3 year old open it? Sometimes
Can my 5 year old open it? YES

What age would you think this lunchbox was suitable for:
Definitely preschool / kindergarten. I think my 5 year old would also be ok with it.

Where To Buy:
You can buy the Raine Beau lunch box range from Phunky Bento.

Check out the review of both the Raine Beau Lunch Box either on my YouTube channel, or below:


If there is a particular lunch box you would like to know about, or have reviewed, then please let me know below.

Be sure to check out my Bento-Style Lunchbox Stockists page for stockists of lunch boxes in both New Zealand AND Australia. As well as my ultimate guide to filling your kids’ lunchbox.


Raine Beau Lunch Box Review

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