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I am having such a blast streaming live on my Happy Mum Happy Child Facebook page, that I have decided to make it a regular and dedicate a couple of spots to it.

I’d like to have a casual chat spot, and then a more of an “on topic” spot.  So I’m going to use an “after dark during the week” moment for the casual spot, and then overtake my Stalker Sunday spot for the on topic chat.

Every Sunday, at 9.30am, I’m going to stream live from my Facebook page and we will talk for 30-45 minutes about a specific topic.  If you’d like to suggest a topic for me to talk about, head back to my Facebook page and comment on the post that brought you here.  If you see a topic that you agree with, that’s written by someone else, then like the comment.  Then I can go through and write a list and we can do this together!

I’m thinking of doing my After Dark Chat, again on Facebook, on a Friday from 8-9pm.  How does this sound to you?  This will be where we sit down with a glass of wine, cup of tea (or both) and just chat about anything.

I TRULY love chatting to you guys and want to keep this going as a regular event.  I have also been really looking forward to the Live Chats, so I definitely want to keep it going.

If you have any trouble while watching my live streams – my web monkey is always happy to help. You can contact him by emailing

SO … let me know your thoughts!  Either down below or pop back to my Facebook page!


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