Run For Your Life Part 2

Started running yet? Still need to be convinced how you can do it and not make a complete fool of yourself?

In part two of how to get running Alison King shares three more tips on how to run.

To read the first post, click here.

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You need to look after your body. It needs to be hydrated before you exercise, so the day before you go for a run make sure you drink enough water. The day of your run you should make sure you drink enough afterwards (it doesn’t mean binge drinking, but drinking at least 1.5 litres throughout the day). Staying hydrated is especially important if you are still breastfeeding.

And a supportive sports bra!

There is absolutely no excuse not to look after your boobs. I am very heavily endowed and was able to find a sports bra to squeeze my J cup milky boobs into. Shock Absorber and Freya are two brands which cater for the larger cup sizes. You don’t need flash lululemon gear or the latest Nike or other athletics kit. When you’re starting out you just need to be comfortable. You can pick up your entire first running outfit from the Warehouse. You will need a technical (the flash word for non-cotton sportswear) top (as when you sweat you don’t want to chafe), a pair of trackies or leggings, socks (non cotton if possible) and running shoes. It’s best not to buy the cheapest and nastiest pair around, and I always tell runners to get proper running shoes that suit their style (go to the likes of Smiths Sports Shoes or Athletes Foot to get fitted) but if you really can’t afford them buy the best shoes you can afford. And then treat yourself once you can.

So you ran non-stop for five minutes? Celebrate!
You completed a kilometres? Celebrate!
Your first 3km? Celebrate!

You catch my drift? Every milestone is worth celebrating. We celebrate our baby’s milestones, we need to celebrate our own.

Keep a track of your running, either buy a pretty journal or start up a simple spreadsheet. Tally up your kilometres and when you reach a certain amount or your first goal and celebrate.

You can make it a new pair of running shoes, especially if you know now that you’re going to wear them more, a new necklace, charm or a massage.  Or even a trip to the hairdresser.

To get you started, I have a 5km Running Programme which you can get – normally this is $59, but if you enter the code “Happy”, you can get the programme for $25.  That’s more than 50% off!


10898058_10153050794476458_541535681730054215_n-1Alison King is a running coach at Run For Your Life Coaching. She is a mum and transformed herself from being 40kg overweight to completing a marathon when her son was 15 months old. Team Run For Your Life ( is for mums who run, whether they are just starting out or have run all their lives.

Also, the Run For Your Life Virtual Summit kicked off yesterday to inspire and inform women runners. Everyone who signs up gets a workbook to help them identify their goals and what is stopping them from achieving them.

The sign up link is here:

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