School Holidays Are Over?

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School Holidays Are Over?

My daughter goes back to Kindy today … now I know that might sound strange. For those of you who know, she’s just turned five. So technically she should just be starting school on the 1st February. However, I made a decision to send her to Kindy (which goes back a week earlier) for the week to get her back into the swing of things.

I also made a decision that it might be easier for her to understand that school starts “next week” rather than “in 6 weeks time”. Which kids don’t really understand – because the concept of time is foreign to them and they often think that it means “right now”.

ANYWAY – this is not the point of this post!

The point of this post is to say “holy crap the school holidays are almost over!”. Can you believe it?

Some of you have been hanging out for this moment, desperate to have the kids be back with someone who can provide endless entertainment / education.

For me, and you guys might know this, for the most part I’ve enjoyed the school holidays. I don’t enjoy the fighting, the tears, the fact I feel like a shit mum for not doing amazing activities with my kids. But I enjoy spending time with the kids just blobbing out. I enjoy not making the lunches every single morning, and I love seeing the kids play together (when they’re doing it nicely).

Do you guys remember growing up feeling like the school holidays went on forever and ever?? Man I do! It was like an infinite abyss of days off where I did absolutely nothing. And then in the final week started dreading going back.

It honestly felt like forever.

Now as an adult, it feels like I have blinked and it’s over… well almost.

I think it’s because I’m an adult *sigh* … time goes faster for those of us who don’t live in the moment.

Are your kids going back to kindy / daycare today? How have you felt the holidays have gone?


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