Schools Don’t Do Prize Givings?!


My daughter’s school recently had their annual School Prize Giving, and she was fortunate enough to receive an award (the Manaakitanga Award for kindness, empathy, friendliness, and a whole bunch of other amazing things that she achieved during the year – so proud of her).

Over the last few days, however, I have heard a few people say that at several different schools the policy was to NOT have a prize giving.

This was because the school didn’t want to single children out.

I find this a little bit bizarre as I do believe children should be rewarded for their achievements, and I feel that it’s political correctness gone crazy.

Yes participation is amazing but at most that’s mandatory. Participation for me WAS an achievement because for me there were SO many things I didn’t want to do at school haha. However we all know there is going to be someone who excels, and works harder, at something more than others and personally I think it’s great that it is recognised.

There is always a runner who is faster than everyone else; there is always a child who is academically smarter; there is always a child who has grown the most in a year.

These children have worked hard for this and their achievements deserve to be recognised.

Before I dropped Chloe off at school, she said “Mum I really want to win a prize” – at that point she had no idea she was going to win one (but I knew), so I said to her:

Chloe, it doesn’t matter if you don’t win a prize; not everyone will. It is really important, however, to be happy for those who do win“.

Winning a prize and NOT WINNING a prize are both life lessons, and I want my children to learn them. I want my children to know that sometimes they will excel, and sometimes others will excel.

Participating is freaking amazing, but sometimes it’s about more than that and I am glad our local school recognises the achievements that students have made.

I believe achievements in life should always be encouraged and rewarded.

What do you think? Do you agree with prize givings or think they shouldn’t be around?


Schools Don’t Do Prize Givings?!

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