What Happens When The Kids Go To School?!


Now when I say “what happens when the kids go to school?”, I’m not talking about with us adults; I’m actually talking about the kids.

When you drop them off, and they’re in that classroom all day, what exactly do they do? How are they around other kids? Are they kind? Do they help out? Do they listen?

We have a night-time ritual where while we are eating our dinner, we talk about our day. We remember what we did during the day and we tell everyone.

As my kids are young still (just turned 6 and 3 years old), their memory is limited, but it is getting better. It’s nice for them to think back on the day, and it’s nice for us to know what happened.

But other than this, and asking the teacher, the rest is left up to fate. It is what it is – we never really know what happens.

The other day I got my 5 year old’s year-end report. It’s a very basic run down of her first year, and where she is at with her writing, reading and mathematics.

We then have a parent-teacher conference and discuss how she’s been going.

This was when I realised how ridiculously proud of her I was. Here’s what the overall comment said:

Chloe you have grown in confidence this year, and you are friends with all in your class. You happily participate in all parts of class life. You are kind, gentle and caring of others who find learning difficult“.

When we went to the parent-teacher conference, the teacher elaborated on this and said that Chloe was very considerate to others, and made kids feel included when they might not have felt like they were.

I was beyond proud of her and got a bit teary-eyed.

Considering how much she fights with Ronan, some part of me despairs because I assume she is a bit like that at school – which clearly isn’t the case.

This gives me hope!

Do you ever feel like this? Like you have no idea what’s happening at school? 


What Happens When The Kids Go To School?!

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