Solo Mums …

Image by Matthew Bates

Or as I like to call them – Super Women.  Honestly, I don’t know how they do it full time.

My husband has just been away overseas for 10 days, which meant I was on solo parent duty 24/7.  I’ve done this before, as he goes away for long periods frequently, but this time was different.

Both children decided to start waking during the night (they are 2.8 years and 8 months), which for me was horrific.  I can handle the day time / evening stuff no problem, but when my sleep starts getting disturbed, that’s when I lose the plot.  The weather was particularly crap during this time, which meant I couldn’t go for my sanity walks.  Also, they got sick.  SERIOUSLY CHILDREN!?

It felt like everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

Thankfully I had amazing support from my family and from my husband’s.  I saw both sets of parents each day, and they all cooked my evening meals for me.  This is the time when you really find out who is in your support network.

Hubby flew in today, so I’m lucky to have my partner-in-crime back, however solo mums don’t have this luxury.  If you are a solo mum – I have mad respect for you.  I don’t even truly know what it’s like.  The longest I’ve done it is 3 weeks … so it doesn’t even scrape the sides of your life I’m sure.

I am definitely no Super Woman.

I’m more like her side kick.

Mega Goofy Girl.


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