Solo Parenting: Loneliness


Solo Parenting Loneliness

I have had a few stints of solo parenting thanks to my husband having to go overseas for work.  But nothing long term.

I cope by thinking about just getting through one day at a time. And I cope because I know it will end – my husband will come home.

So many of you are solo parents, and I have truly no idea what it is like for you.  Day in, day out, with no reprieve.  Or knowing it’s not going to end anytime soon.

Out of genuine curiosity, and potentially to help others in this situation, I have a couple of questions that I would LOVE to know the answer to.

How do you stay sane?  Some of you will have amazing family support, but I know other’s don’t.  Do you turn to your friends?  Do you just buckle down and deal with it?

A few friends have said that it can be incredibly lonely.  In fact, one recently had a conversation with me and said the following:

“I struggle with loneliness. It happens when I put the kids to bed and all of a sudden I’m by myself. Even though my ex was a complete asshole, he was still someone to talk to and was nice to just have someone there… I just want to know if there are many other people in my position and what they do to combat the loneliness” …

So how do you deal with loneliness?  

I’d love it if you could either comment here, or comment back on my Facebook post (or both).  So that others who are wondering (especially my friend) can see the response.

I have so much admiration for you, the solo parent, and what you are doing.  However you got into the position of being a solo parent, it’s not an easy decision to make / have to deal with.



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