Being A Parent: Mealtime Judgements

So many times I’ve posted pictures on Facebook and/or Instagram of the food I make, and there has been someone (or more than one person) who says “Can’t believe you do that” … or “What a waste of time”, or even “You’ll set your child up to expect the best all the time” …

Guys, why can’t we actually have a conversation rather than make it negative ALL THE TIME?!

Instead of accusing parents (or even me) of making it worse, why not question it.  Why not ask “Do you think that’s over the top?” or “Why bother doing that?” … instead of starting out on the offensive, how about having an open mind and getting the discussion going.

So many times I have wanted to defend myself and what I do.  Because in all honesty, I am a lazy person.  You might think “yeah right” but I am.  I hate making lunches.  I hate making breakfast.  I’m a selfish git and would much prefer to be sitting on the couch with my laptop having a coffee.

Instead, I know that I am going to be battling my kids trying to get them to eat ALL DAY.

I am not a panderer.  I don’t pander to my kids every need (trust me).  But if they ask for their sandwiches to be cut into squares vs triangles, I’m going to oblige.  Because seriously, it takes no more effort on my part.  I’m already in the kitchen.  I already have the knife in my hand.  And if it means they will eat it because it is cut a slightly different way, then I’m all for it.

It does not speak volumes about their character.  Or my parenting.  Or how they will turn out when they are adults.  They are small children in my Army, and I am their Captain.  I tell them what goes.  Just like when they were babies and I rocked them to sleep, or let them sleep in my bed with me – it’s not ruining them for life. I made a conscious decision to stop doing it, and it stopped.  They sleep fine in their own beds now, and I don’t rock them to sleep!

More than one person (including myself) has said “yes but if they’re hungry then they will eat” and 75% of the time that is true.   The rest of the time my kids are stubborn.  So I try and trick them into thinking it’s awesome by using cookie cutters, and food picks.  Most of the time it doesn’t work, but sometimes it does.

Whether you want to do this or not, is totally up to you. It doesn’t make you any less of a parent.  It also doesn’t mean that the person who does it is an idiot, or is raising their child incorrectly.

We do what we do to get through the day. 

Did you know that sometimes I make nice looking food just to take a picture of it?  That’s it!  It has nothing to do with my kids.  And they don’t know it because sometimes I eat said food before it even gets to them.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 11.05.39 AM
An example of my normal kind of lunch HAHA

Although I am lazy, and loathe doing anything that requires effort, there is some part of me who loves doing it.  It brings me, an uncreative idiot, great joy to see that I am capable of making something beautiful.   I criticise myself a lot as a parent, and if making a lunch full of variety and fun is what makes me happy, then why does that make me a bad parent?

Sorry if this was a little ranty.  My parents and husband constantly tell me to back away from the computer and not to defend myself.  I am a pretty positive person, but sometimes the comments get me down.

Whether you make the Mona Lisa of meals, or just ham and cheese and mayo (that’s the staple in our house) … you are doing your best.  And by no means is there any judgement from me.  I post what I post to a) make me feel better about my parenting skills, and b) because I want to inspire others.  Not to shame other parents into thinking they are a failure.

As long as your kids are fed, and clothed, with a parent/s who loves them, then that’s all that matters.

Now that I’ve written this, I’m going to copy and paste the link any time someone makes me feel judged LOLOLOL ????



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