Sometimes Parenting Can Be Lonely

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Sometimes Parenting Can Be Lonely

Sometimes I feel very alone as a parent.

I could be surrounded by people, but still feel alone. I could have loads of friends, online AND in real life; and still feel alone.

I’m not sure if that’s a parenting thing, or just a me thing. But sometimes, I find parenting to be very lonely.

Perhaps it’s because no one really knows what goes on in my head; no one really understands what I’m going through. Perhaps it’s because I can never adequately express how I’m feeling.

Perhaps it’s just because I am super critical of myself and don’t think anyone is as shitty as me as a parent (which I know isn’t true, but I have my moments).

Sometimes I feel alone when my husband is around. This is pretty much ALWAYS because I don’t feel like I can properly explain what goes on in my head (as I said above). Because I have some pretty down days, I find it hard to tell him what’s going on with me. Which inevitably makes me feel alone.

I said to my sister today “sometimes I can feel trapped in my own home because that’s where I am 24/7” … I could leave the house (which I do) but still coming home makes me feel trapped.

I’m not like this ALL of the time, but sometimes I am.

Ultimately I think it comes down to my mental state; I get a bit stuck in my own head.

Does that even make sense?


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