Toddlers Are Jerks

Toddlers Are Jerks
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Toddlers Are Jerks

Before I go into depth about why my toddler was a jerk today, let me firstly say that there was a reason he was the way he was; he was tired. He was also in a new place and was VERY excited about everything that was happening. That’s not to say this excuses his behaviour, I’m just stating I know there is a reason behind.

Still doesn’t change the fact that sometimes, toddlers can be f’ing jerks.

I don’t care if it isn’t PC to say that; toddlers and their actions can sometimes push you to the brink of insanity.


This is what happened today with my toddler; and this is the shortened version:

Opens and closes the tray table on the airplane, whilst BANGING it at the same time; annoying the person in front – JERK

Repeatedly doing this despite me asking, and then insisting he stopped – DOUBLE JERK

Playing nicely with another boy his age AND then taking a nap on the plane – LITTLE ANGEL

Running around the airport and sliding along the floor; despite me asking him not to – JERK

Licking the airport windows after I asked him not to – YUCK JERK!

Opening the door in the taxi cab on the way to the hotel WHILST IT WAS MOVING – NEW LEVEL OF JERK

Throwing a major tantrum because he didn’t want to hold our hands – JERK

Me constantly getting on his level and telling him what to do – ME BEING A JERK


Like I said above, I completely and utterly understand there was a reason why he was acting the way he was – but at the time it felt like “GAH STOP BEING A JERK AND LISTEN TO ME”.

Do you guys get what I mean?!

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