Our Relationship

Our Relationship© Maria Foy | Happy Mum Happy Child

Our Relationship

After being away in Sydney for only 4 days, I feel like my relationship with my husband has changed; for the better.

At the beginning of the trip, we were bunked in together with our kids – Phil slept in the bed with Ronan, and I with Chloe. Finally, when we moved to another hotel, we got to spend a night together without the kids in the bed; and it was wonderful.

During the trip, we both did our best to make the other person feel comfortable and happy: at one point Phil could see that I was getting anxious and stressed, so took the kids for a walk so that I could collect my thoughts. Then the next morning, at 5am when the kids woke, I took them into the bathroom so we could all chill out together and let “daddy sleep”.

The other night, I said to Phil “I’m heading off to do look at the shops” and he happily watched the kids for an hour or so while I went for a walk. Of course I returned home with food for dinner – it’s only fair!

Then when the kids went to bed, we chilled out in front of the TV together and chatted. Well we did more than that, but I don’t really need to go into great detail … ????

I know that we can do that at home, but for some reason I feel we are stuck in our old habits at home – kids go to bed, so I go to bed. And Phil chills in the lounge until about 10pm.

It’s just made me realise that sometimes we need to get out of the house to rediscover who we are. That we aren’t just parents – we are individuals too. Individuals who still love each other, but who spend a shit load of time parenting and always worrying about someone else.

Another great thing about the trip to Sydney, was that we put ZERO pressure on ourselves to actually do anything. Specifically being tourists. We didn’t take the kids to the Aquarium, or to the Zoo. Instead we just walked around locally, and tried to relax and enjoy ourselves. I know I personally get really stressed out if we’re late or have to catch a train at a certain time … that’s sadly just who I am haha

It’s good to be able to take a step back like this.

Also, PS, it’s so fucking amazing being in a hotel room that I don’t have to clean. Or that isn’t full of shit from the kids. Seriously, it’s almost cleansing for the soul to be in a hotel room ????


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