Friday Favourites: The One About Wellington


Friday Favourites: The One About Wellington

Had a pretty awesome week this week – spent last weekend in Australia, went to the movies to help raise funds for Mother’s Helpers, and received Constance Hall’s new book. Also this weekend I’m heading away to Wellington and I’m so freaking excited!!! I have been asked to talk about my experience with Post Natal Depression, and this is probably the most important thing I’ve ever been asked to do.

Also, I’m spending TWO nights alone. In a hotel room. Holy smokes I’m excited HAHA I’m not even going to deny it. I’m bloody excited.

However, there were also some less than desirable things that happened; so moving forward, I’m going to be including Favourite and Least Favourite things about the week. Because not all things that happen during the week are awesome.

What has been your favourite (or least favourite) thing about this week?



I began this week in Sydney, Australia with the family. Netflix flew us all over for a special family event; because I am one of Netflix’s Streamteam members. We had the BEST time and I am so grateful to Netflix for allowing us this opportunity.


FAVOURITE: Personalised Christmas Treats

This week I got sent two AMAZING personalised Santa Sacks from Santa Post. They are wonderfully designed, personalised, and are generous in size; I can fit at least two pillows in there (trust me, I tried HAHA).

The team over at Santa Post actually sent me a discount code for you guys to use if you want to get yourself either a personalised Santa Sack OR a personalised letter from Santa. Just use the code HAPPYMUM to receive 15% off store wide. Visit to see what is available.


FAVOURITE: Wellington

I’m adding this into my list of favourites from this week, even though this hasn’t happened yet – I’m flying to Wellington tomorrow to speak at an event about my experiences with post-natal depression. If you live in Wellington and would like to come along and support the Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Aotearoa organisation, then click the link below. There will be a High Tea, champagne, raffles and an auction. Get in quick though, tickets are limited and I know there are only a handful left.


LEAST FAVOURITE: Rancid Strawberries

One pet peeve of mine is buying strawberries from the supermarket, and getting home to find there are some hidden in the pack that are off. On Wednesday I went to the supermarket and spent at least 2 minutes searching through the containers of strawberries to find one that looked like it had perfect strawberries. Yet when I got home I realised the WHOLE container had to be binned.

A lot of you guys on Snapchat (happymumnz) told me I could take them back and get a refund, but by that stage it was too late. I also should really buy from the local Strawberry farm (which is UH-MAZING) …



The kids fighting was at an all time high this week – mainly because for a good part of the week we were away or travelling back. So being away from the normal routine put the kids into a spin: which they then took out on us HAHA

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