Sugar Sugar Everywhere …



Sugar, sugar, everywhere; but nobody’s allowed to eat it.

What’s up with that?

Why aren’t we allowed to say “I give my kid this every now and then” without being informed by people passionate about sugar consumption.

Or maybe it’s just me because I have a large audience. Maybe it’s because there’s this perceived negativity around “sponsored content”.

Maybe it’s because people think “she has a responsibility with her large audience to post only about good stuff” ……

I’m no different to you, except I have 130,000 people who watch what I do (well actually it’s more like 10% of that thanks to Facebook).

I’m very aware that I can say “my kids like this” and people may choose to go and buy it.

However, I refuse to believe that people can’t think for themselves. I have to believe that people will do something of their own accord – which is why I only ever talk about things I like, or my kids like.

Because then it’s honest. And I can honestly say, my kids enjoy a treat.

My children eat a shit-tonne of fruit and vegetables. They eat a ridiculously balanced diet. Now I know that not all children do, but mine do.

Do I read the labels on packets? Of course I do – and what I read then helps me decide if it’s an every day thing, or a treat. And believe me – most packaged goods are a treat.

Do all parents read packet labels? Of course not.

As I said on my Snapchat today (happymumnz is my username): “I gave my kids a Kinder Surprise today, do you think I’m going to give a f’k about the sugar content of a muesli bar?! They eat a balanced diet, so no”.

If you’re so passionate about the sugar content of a particular product: do you talk to the magazine that it’s published in? Do you talk to the Supermarket it’s stocked in?

Do you approach the company themselves with your concerns?

I’m happy to be enlightened and love ALL opinions, but remember that I am still a parent. I am a Mum, and a human being. I make choices in life for my kids, which aren’t perfect.

Would it be an issue if it wasn’t a sponsored post? Because honestly, I don’t do anything unless I personally am happy with it … so I would still post it without it being sponsored.

Heck if you follow me on Snapchat, over 2 weeks ago I gave these to my kids and they loved them! It was only after that, that I was approached about doing a sponsored post.

Is it really my responsibility to only promote healthy products? Because if it is, then sorry, I don’t agree. My kids eat a completely balanced diet, surprise eggs, regular eggs, fruit, chips, vegetables, chocolate, bread, meat, you name it they have it. ALL IN MODERATION.

My page, and my business is an extension of myself and my family. If I do anything contrary to this, it’s not the truth and THAT doesn’t sit right with me.

The sugar content topic will always come up, I get that. And I LOVE having a conversation about it, because that’s the only way we learn right?!

PS if you’d actually like some information about ADDED SUGAR you can check out my post here.

Regardless though – Kinder Surprise eggs have gotten me through MANY shopping trips LOLOL


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