The Backstreet Boys’ New Video Will Make You Smile

I’ve been a hardcore Backstreet Boys fan since the mid 90’s – always have been, always will be. I still have fond memories of watching MTV Europe and trying to record (on an actual video) the As Long As You Love Me music video.

Gees I’m old.

Anyway – they’re still around guys. A good thing never dies and no truer words have been spoken about The Backstreet Boys.

The five guys released their music video for the new song “No Place”, which is off the upcoming album DNA. It’s all about how they’ve traveled all around the world and yet the best feeling in the world is when they’re at home with their families.

AND their families are in the music video! Which I freaking love seeing – watching them grow up, get married, enter into relationships, and have kids, has been amazing. Especially since that’s what I’ve done too!

I loved watching this video and I think you will too:

Growing up I was in LOVE with them, and was pretty sure I was going to marry Brian.

My walls were covered in photos of them, and I learned the “Everybody Backstreet’s Back” dance.

It’s really nice to watch this video and see them with their families like this.

Although, this will actually be my memory of them, in this state:

What did you think of the new video??


Backstreet Boys

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