Mum Recreates Viral Bikini Ad And It’s Hilarious

If you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a bikini ad that’s suddenly become viral due to the uncomfortable looking nature of the bikini bottom.

The comments on the ad itself are just comedy gold:

We all know that no regular person would look good in that bikini bottom, right? Mainly because we have hair:

And because the majority of us aren’t that tiny or skinny, so if we squeezed into that bikini bottom, something would definitely hang low …

Imagine finding out that a Mum had recreated this look and it is EXACTLY how we imagined it would be from when we first saw the bikini bottom … she does a hilarious side-by-side of expectation vs reality in which she titled GOOGLE GOALS…FANNY FLOSSING…

Image above from

This recreation is absolutely spot on. Doesn’t look comfortable on any level at all.

Speaking to Fox News, Laura (Knee Deep In Life Blogger) admitted that she was blown away by the support she had received.

She said: ‘Once you break down the negative influence that social media can at times have, you find these incredibly funny people all openly talk about things we are often too embarrassed to admit to, and yet it’s more often than not totally relatable. I love how the post has brought a lot of women together in realizing we’re all beautiful no matter our size. My main goal with my blog will always be to make people laugh and allow them to see they truly aren’t alone. I think I’ve achieved that on this occasion.’

What do you think about the bikini? Something you would wear?


Mum Recreates Viral Bikini Ad It’s Hilarious

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