The Cheater’s Guide to a Clean House

This post has been sponsored by Selleys Sugar Soap Wipes, however all words and opinions are my own.

Before we had children, our house was relatively easy to clean. We just vacuumed, scrubbed, disinfected and repeat … and occasionally dust (but lets be honest, what the heck is dusting anyway?!).

Now that kids are around, their wee fingers manage to get into places you never thought could be reached.

Before you know it, that tiny mark has grown into a stain and you regret not tackling it when you first saw it.

HAVE NO FEAR THOUGH! I am here to help with some cheats to help clean your house and KEEP IT CLEAN.


CHEAT 1: Lower those expectations

Stop expecting your house to be perfect. Might not seem like a legit cheat but honestly, once you remind yourself that no one’s house is perfect, cleaning gets a lot easier. You do NOT have to vacuum every single day (unless of course your child loves getting stuff everywhere). Dusting can be a monthly occurrence (or only when you notice a thick layer LOL), and honestly when you lower the expectations, you start thinking smarter (see the Selleys Sugar Soap Wipes below) it makes cleaning a lot easier.


CHEAT 2: Selleys Sugar Soap Wipes

Selleys Sugar Soap Wipes are like the baby wipes for your house. You can use them practically on anything and they do an amazing job at cleaning. One side is textured for those tougher cleans, and the other is smooth for wiping down. Designed to be used on walls, especially painted walls, you can also use them on:

  • Kitchen bench tops, cupboards
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Fridges (inside and out)
  • Door frames (where those tiny finger marks can build up)
  • Door Handles
  • Splash backs
  • Window sills
  • Light switches
  • Cables
  • Bathroom and laundry tiles
  • Shower screens, basins, bathtubs

ALSO you can use them on shoes, fly poo, and crayon / pen marks. Like I said above, they’re like the baby wipes for the house – you can use them on almost anything! They have been developed from Original Selleys Liquid Sugar Soap Concentrate, so you know they are full of proven cleaning power.


CHEAT 3: Get the kids to help

Divvy up those Selleys Sugar Soap Wipes – give one to each kid, pop a timer on for 10 minutes, and then tell them to go to town on the wiping (just not the windows!). You’d be surprised at how fun and exciting a quick 10 minute clean can be for a child, and how much actually gets cleaned – take a look at the Selleys Wipes afterwards, they’ll be full of dirt and your house will be a lot cleaner.


CHEAT 4: Prevention is key

As soon as you spill something, wipe it up with a Selleys Sugar Soap Wipe – seriously you won’t regret it and it means you are keeping on top of things as you go. I know it’s easy to just leave it until you do a big clean, but that big clean might not ever come (especially when you’re a parent LOL). The great thing about the Selleys Sugar Soap Wipes is that when you use them it’s not just wiping away the mess, it’s actually cleaning the space at the same time.


Seriously though guys, yes this post was sponsored by Selleys Sugar Soap Wipes for a reason – they’re freaking amazing at cleaning pretty much ANYTHING!

You can purchase Selleys Sugar Soap Wipes products at hardware stores and supermarkets, so they’re easy to get your hands on.

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The Cheater’s Guide to a Clean House

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