The Library Situation



The Library Situation

The Library Situation 01

Ok, so this is the Library situation.  I am not a perfect parent by any means.  So in continuing with this tradition, I haven’t really taken my kids to the Library as much as others have.

I felt like I needed to write this post almost as a confession, because I feel bad about it.

Both of my children were spillers.  But my eldest (who’s 4 now) was the worst.  A happy spiller they called her.  She was a fat wee cherub, and I honestly was surprised at that given how much she spilled after each feed.  She spilled before a feed.  After a feed.  During a feed. She would spill in her sleep (which really made me worry).

The constant spilling had me fearing the worst every time I left the house – what if she spilled all over herself and needed changing (this had happened many times)?  What if she spilled on me, and I needed changing?  What if she spilled all over the floor and I had to wipe it up?! Now these might seem like “bugger it, just go out and stuff everyone else” situations, but for me, it made me nervous.

So I never really went anywhere.

Plus – once I had her naps down, I wasn’t moving. FOR ANYTHING. Not for Wriggle & Rhyme,not for a play date.  I agonised about her sleep for, what felt like, years.  So when she started having some kind of structure to her day naps, I hung in there for dear life.

And she napped twice a day until 18 months – 9am and then 2pm.  Which was often the times activities for kids happened.

So I stayed at home a lot, or went to my Mums house.

Then my son was born, and I just continued this.

It wasn’t until late last year that I started going to the local Library more and more.  And then today, I finally got a Library Card – so that we could actually check books out.

Now, you might not understand this situation, but for a long time I got stuck in my routine, which didn’t involve the Library.  However I do know how important it is for kids to have experiences like this, and get to read many MANY books, hence the Library Card.

I am a reader.  A serious reader.  But during my motherhood role, reading has taken a backseat to the rest of my life.  I am hoping now that both my kids AND I benefit from this new wee adventure …

Have you guys ever been like this with anything in your parenting journey?

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