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Or as I like to say “shut the f**k up”.

Too many times I have seen Mother’s complaining online about how they were out in public and a stranger made a comment about them or their lifestyle.  Usually it’s about breastfeeding / bottle feeding / food choices in life.

One particular situation which made me furious, was a Mum who was buying baby food and formula from the supermarket.  A stranger came up to this Mum and said “You shouldn’t buy that, it is not good for him”.  She also looked down at the formula tin and then said “you generation these days are lazy”.  She didn’t even know that the mother in question actually predominantly makes her own baby food (which I also did, and had back up jars just in case).

I don’t even know where to begin with this, so I have two messages here:

One message for the strangers who like to make comments and pass judgement: STOP IT.  Your comments are absolutely horrible and are not supportive of any Mother or Father.  You do not know the background or history of the Parent, Baby or Family and have no right to judge.  Go home and bitch about it to your significant other, or your friends, but do NOT verbalise to a Mother in public.

One message for the Parents who are affected by these comments: IGNORE IT.  As hard as it is, ignore it.  That person has issues in their life that has nothing to do with you and your situation in that moment.  You are doing what’s best for you and your family, and a stranger’s comments say more about the stranger, than about your decisions.

Sometimes, it’s not even strangers who pass judgement.  It’s family, which can be even worse.

How we parent individually is never the same as someone else. What works for us doesn’t work for others – that’s pretty much how I live my Happy Mum Happy Child life.  Everyone is different.  Generational differences are probably the hardest for people to deal with … what happened “back in the day” is different from now.  It doesn’t make it right or wrong.  Just different.

One thing I like to remember in life, and I think everyone should take this on board: don’t be an asshole.

Also, let me just say for the record: BEING FED IS BEST.  Breastfeeding or Formula ❤️  You are doing a great job Parents  ❤️



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