Yelling At My Kids



Seriously, yelling at my kids occurs every single day. Multiple times a day. Probably hundreds of times a day.

I try, oh yes I try, not to yell, but inevitably it ends up happening.

It’s a part of parenting, I get it; but by golly does it get me down.

Some days I just can’t do it; I can’t deal with my own yelling. I get sick of myself. So I stop – I stop yelling.

I communicate to my kids “Guys, I am not yelling at you today, so let’s work together“; and for one minute they understand and I get lulled into a false sense of security …

Then they start fighting, or throwing things, or ripping things; a the beast in me starts coming out.

Sometimes I manage to restrain myself because ultimately I don’t want to yell, so instead I talk to the kids. But talking only gets me so far, and then I can feel the anger rising inside of me because they aren’t listening.

So I remove myself, breathe, calm down, and go back.

Start again.

Kids need reminding a million times about things. They live in the moment, which us adults rarely do, so they forget; and then need reminding a million times.

Did I mention they need reminding a million times?!

This can get frustrating for me as a parent, so out of frustration I yell. I also yell to get their attention – and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one ….

Kids yell and scream because they get frustrated too, so I guess we have something in common.

My biggest worry is that my kids will be adults and I’ll still be yelling at them

Does anyone else get down about the amount of yelling they do? How do you deal with it?

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