The Parenting Car Park Wars – Mum Gets Angry

I don’t know about you guys, but as a Mum, I freaking love a good parenting car park. They’re specifically for parents of young children (under 8 here in New Zealand) and are often closer to the shopping area.

They’re not, however, legally enforceable. Which means anyone can technically park in them – it’s just a dick move.

Well another Australian Mum thought so too, and when she noticed a woman park in one of these parks who didn’t appear to have children or a car seat in the car; she wrote this note and stuck it to the offending car’s window:

The annoyed parent then vacated the parking space, and someone else parked in it (that’s how car parks work) and the parent who received the note thought the new parker was the offending writer; and wrote them back a note:

This was shared in a Facebook group and thus began the ever popular debate about pram parks (or parenting parks).

Not only that, but about whether or not it’s fair to judge someone based off of a simple look.

(You can read the original article this on

Here in New Zealand, parent and caregiver parking is not mandated by law like that of disabled car parks.

These specific car parks are usually located closer to the entrance of the shopping destination (which reduces the distance that young children need to move in a high-traffic area), and some are wider to allow for prams.

As a parent, I can tell you how much of a godsend these can be; and as a heavily pregnant mum with a toddler – even more so.

Absolutely they’re a privilege to have, and if one was already occupied it’s no hassle finding another one.

But it is slightly infuriating when someone who doesn’t have a child parks in one purely for convenience. Even more so when there are plenty of other car parks to choose from.

I don’t know if I’d go as far as to write a note, but I’d certainly be muttering angry words under my breath haha

Check out the NZTA Parking Control document here, for information about parenting parks.

What do you think about this parenting park war? Does it annoy you when non-parents / caregivers park in the parenting car parks?


Parenting Car Park

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