Tips For Dealing With Fussy Eaters

This post is sponsored by Zeapure.

Dealing with fussy eaters can be absolute torture. One day they’re eating chicken and broccoli, the next they openly gag at the sight of it; it almost doesn’t even make sense.

It can actually be very disheartening, and quite stressful for the parents – what if they’re not getting enough to eat?! What if they’re not getting the right nutrition to be healthy?! It makes you worried that if you don’t deal with it now, it’ll be an issue forever. Not to mention the fact you openly feel like you’re fighting with your child just to get them to eat.

So if you have a fussy eater, here are some tips from me to you, to help inspire your child to eat different foods and ultimately become a happier and healthier eater.


It might sound easier said than done, but if you panic your child will pick up on it. Which can also lead to you force feeding them to eat – which is definitely not ideal. Take a moment to remember that whilst you might not feel in control, you actually are. You might not achieve what you want in one meal, but you’re working towards it. Take it one meal at a time, and start small.

Also, please remember that it’s totally normal for a child to be a fussy eater. They’ve never eaten that type of food before, and it can be daunting to try something new.



I mean figuratively and literally – offer small portions. Don’t overwhelm your child by piling food up on their plate. If you make the portions smaller, it makes it less scary for your child and also there are fewer leftovers at the end of it.

Also, instead of loading up the plate with ALL NEW foods, try just adding one new thing in at a time; and as I said above, don’t overdo it. Just offer a small portion of it.



When preparing dinner, explain that they get to try one new thing and they get to choose it. Then offer them the choice of THREE new foods and then allow them to pick the one they want to try. This gives them the feeling like they’re in control. Kids LOVE feeling like they’re in control and/or helping out.

Also, get them to help prepare the meal too, or buying the groceries. The same goes for choosing the food they eat – when kids are involved it becomes more fun and they feel like they’re actually helping out.



Make sure your child knows what is expected of them. For example “tonight we are trying this, you need to eat the two pieces on your plate”. Always remind them of the expectation and then stick to it.



Not only in your dinner time, but also other meal times too. Breakfast, lunch and dinner at set times, with small snacks in between. If dinner is at 530pm, then no eating after 430pm. This ensures the child has a good schedule around when to eat, and also helps them to actually be hungry at meal times. If they’re constantly eating, when it comes to dinner time, they won’t actually be hungry enough to want to try.



If your child still won’t try the broccoli, don’t give up. Perhaps move onto a different food the next night, but always go back to the broccoli (or whatever food you’re trying to get them to eat). Children’s tastes change all the time, and something they won’t try one day, will be gobbled up the next.

It also pays to remember that no child will grow up only eating pasta their whole life. Trust me – my kids used to only eat pasta and chicken. They’ve now grown and eat a whole range of foods.



In the mornings, before school (and sometimes after dinner), we add Zeapure into the smoothie that my husband makes; and the kids gulp it down none the wiser: it contains so many vitamins and minerals they need for the day.

Zeapure is an all natural shake with no added sugar or sweeteners and 17 vitamins and minerals. Simply mix it with water (or milk) or add to an already existing smoothie (this is what we do).

Chloe’s favourite flavour is vanilla

For me personally, it’s the peace of mind that even if they don’t get the “balanced diet” during the day, they’re still putting something in their system that’s giving them the nutrients they need.

You can find Zeapure at Countdown, New World or Pak n Save. If they don’t stock it yet, ask them to get it in for you!

Visit @thefussyeatersclub on Facebook for a lot more on this topic and to share with parents facing the same challenges.

This post is sponsored by Zeapure. Thanks Zeapure!


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