The Post From Last Night


The Post From Last Night

Right let’s clear one thing up – I did not write those nasty horrible comments (that are written below). That was someone else.

I made the fatal error of leaving my own page tagged in at the beginning, and I unknowingly made it look like I wrote it.

Basically I received a comment on a post last night saying “Happy Mum Happy Child every second post your children are in this same room sick and or you are having a mentally break down because you forgot your medication and the children are left to there own devices, I totally admired you for a while but finally I have to get this off my chest, you suck at being a parent and the poor me all the time, there are thousands of mums out there who have it way worse than you, so get your shit together or go back to your doctor and try something else” … that was verbatim (including all of the errors).

The person has since been banned, and her comments removed – not only because I didn’t want her on my page anymore, but I don’t want people knowing who she is.

At the time a shit tonne of people thought that I wrote that comment to someone. They then proceeded to leave my page in HUGE numbers.


Guys, if you know me by now you would know I would never write a comment like that.

It was a screenshot that I took, and I removed the poster’s name. Simple as that. It just so happened my page was tagged at the beginning of the comment.

I agree that my post to my Facebook page could have been worded better (I used the word c**t) however I was trying to get the point across that there’s no reason to have a comment like this.

I wrote “it’s ok if you don’t like me but you don’t have to be a C about it”.

I know a few people said that “you shouldn’t have posted this because it makes you no better than her”, and I’m not sure if I agree or disagree with that, but I’m of course happy to have a conversation about it.

The original poster should not have said what she said – however I feel I have every right to stand up and say “that’s unacceptable, don’t be an a-hole”.


I do, however, apologise if my language offended anyone as that was not my intention. My belief around swear words is obviously different to others (which I have expressed before), and of course I would never mean to offend.

I simply thought her comments were a bit shitty and mean; my choice of words could definitely have been better.

However when it comes to posting a comment like that, and saying “no this is not ok” … am I not allowed to do that?

Do you think I’m “stooping to their level” for wanting to stand up for myself and show what is unacceptable?

I have been messaged a few times saying that I “instigated bullying” by posting the post. That I should simply just have removed the comment instead of talking about it. That I basically set 150,000 people on this person and had them attack her.

My question for you is: where do we draw the line? Her comment was unacceptable, but do I not have a right to say “this type of post is not on guys, that’s not the way to do it”?

Do I not have a right to stand up for myself?

If there’s a better way I could have done it, then please enlighten me but I truly believe those types of comments are the reason us parents suffer so much and there’s no way I will ever accept that it is ok to write them …



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