The Situation

The Situation

The Situation

This is very long, so please bear with me as the situation affected my personal life, and my child’s. Before I say anymore I must say that I am not mad at ANYONE. I am just disappointed that this situation happened. Please do not be mad at anyone in particular, because I am not …

Also, I am making this post semi-vague as I don’t want to upset anyone. Never my intention, but I feel like this still needs to be said – because this is a lesson for us all. Most of all me.



Let me preface this entire post by saying that I am not an idiot – I know how the internet works. You write a blog, you put yourself out there. You post a picture, you put yourself out there. I get it.

I open myself up to criticism from all walks of life on the internet, and for the most part it’s fine. There are times when it gets overwhelming, but that’s part of the job; and eventually I get over it.

What I wasn’t expecting, however, is for my work online to be taken into my personal life within my community and have it affect not only myself, but my family as well; and this is what happened the other day.



It was brought to my attention publicly (within my community) that another person was very upset with me for letting my kids go out public when they are sick. This particular person misread a post of mine and instead of discussing it with me, spoke about it openly within the community.

Most of you know that I would NEVER knowingly do anything with my daughter if she was sick.

I struggle to know if a runny nose, and no other symptoms, mean my kids are actually sick; or it’s just a runny nose. You guys all know I’m open about this – and a lot of you are exactly the same. If my kids are running a temperature, they stay at home. If the snot is green and they’re visibly sick, they stay at home. If they looks like they’re dying, they definitely stay at home.

The post in question is this one:

I feel like I’m one of those Mum’s who keeps her kids home unnecessarily. Mainly because I would HATE for any child to get sick because of my kids.

So … a false piece of information went out there publicly, and came back to me publicly. I was told, in person, by another lovely person about this situation.

It became apparent to me that the person who originally complained, was very upset. I do not know who this person is, which is why I would like you to not blast them.

I was upset. I was embarrassed. I apologised to the person telling me for being put in that situation (where they had to tell me); and tried my best to explain that that wasn’t actually what I had said online.

What an awkward conversation that was.

I now feel like my position in the community has now been doubted. As has my kids. Because of this one phone call based on false information.

As I explained on my live chat last night, I understand that when I put myself out there on the internet, I am open to criticism and opinions from everyone. So that is one of the reasons why I love being who I am – I am an open individual who is not easily offended, and my posts reflect this. My posts aren’t horrible, they’re not overly opinionated and are hardly outrageous, but I do understand they can still get talked about positively or negatively.

However this is about taking a piece of incorrect information into MY community.

Feel free to watch my LIVE chat from last night on Facebook – as I did discuss it there as well. The internet connection was a bit funny, but I got there in the end. Jump to the 5 minute mark and that’s where I start talking about it.



I would like to think that I have never come across as unapproachable, especially on the internet when you’re behind a computer; but I do understand that sometimes we all need to talk to someone else about our issues, or thoughts. Especially when it comes to our kids.

However, I urge all of you to please check your information before you make the kind of call that was made the other day – because it becomes so much more than “I read this and I’m not happy”. Or even “man she’s a dick”.

It suddenly starts effecting people in real life – and it’s not just myself and my family. It’s so much more than that.

Please private message if you have an issue. Any of you – whether you know me in real life or not. I am a VERY open person, and would hate to offend anyone.



Some of you might think “just don’t write about certain situations if you don’t like the outcome”, or “if you don’t like it, then stop blogging”; and that’s completely fair enough. However this is something I love doing, and for 2 years it has never affected me like this before.

Especially because what I wrote wasn’t wrong. I did nothing wrong.

We all make mistakes in life, I feel like I make the most. And as Mother’s we are all in this parenting journey together.

So this is just from me to you – please read things properly first. If you are concerned, please double check with me (or whoever) before you make that call.

Because it’s one thing to talk about it online, and another to take it to the community where the person lives and breathes – with their family and children.

Again, I am not mad at this person – shit happens. I have made shitty mistakes in the past. I don’t want YOU to blast this person (whoever they are) at all. And moving forward this is something I have to be aware of as someone who has a large-ish audience.

It’s a lesson for everyone; most importantly me ❤



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