Friday Least Favourites: The One With The Tears

The One About The Tears
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Friday Favourites: The One With The Tears

This week I actually had a really shitty week. I was sick, my kids were sick, and I had a couple of not-so-great experiences with people. If you watched my Snapchat (happymumnz) the other day, you would have seen me openly cry. One thing about me is that even though I love a good joke, and I am also pretty open minded and level headed; once pushed, I do get emotional.

So instead of being all happy, and listing my five favourite things – I’m going to list my five LEAST favourite things. Because sometimes life really is just shitty.

What has been your favourite (or least favourite) thing about this week?


1. Sick Kids And The Dilemma

Kids being sick sucks. It sucks even more when you don’t know how sick they are, or if they’re really sick at all. I struggled this week, yet again, with knowing whether or not to send my girl to Kindy. She just had a runny nose (clear), but was well in spirits. I ended up keeping her at home (yup, I kept her at home) but the struggle is real!

I’d like you all to know that I will ALWAYS err on the side of caution, and won’t send my kids to school / kindy sick. There have only been a couple of times I’ve sent my girl to Kindy, and I got the call to say she was sick – those times she went to Kindy in good spirits.

I’m probably one of those annoying parents who keeps their kid home unnecessarily, but I have always been very aware of the fact that kids spread sickness; and I would HATE knowing it was my kid who did that.


2. Me Being Sick

Along with my kids being sick this week, I have also been sick. Nothing particularly serious, just a cold, but it sure is a set back! After I had quite a terrible day on Tuesday, where I cried all over Snapchat (LOL the truth), I didn’t even feel like drinking and that’s how I knew I was sick HAHAHA


3. No Internet

We have a construction site next door to our house, and the guys accidentally severed our phone line; disconnecting our internet. I don’t even care what this says about me as a human being, but it completely threw me for six not having the internet. No Netflix for at least 4 days was absolute torture.


4. Being A Beast Mother

This week I felt like a beast. Actually most weeks I feel like this. Always yelling; always saying no. I try to balance it out by doing cool activities with my kids, but I’m usually too lazy and hate the mess. Gosh I’m a great Mum …. ????


5. Other People

People pissed me off more than usual this week. A couple of times I had to debrief with my husband at the end of the day, and we would both end up saying “fuck those people”. Sometimes people don’t realise how the words they say effects you as a human being. Or that words said to others actually have a consequence. I know that sounds vague-as-fuck, but I’ve just had one of those weeks where people were dicks.

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