The Sleepytot!

The Sleepytot Let’s face it, we all enter this parenthood challenge saying “I’ll never give my child a dummy”, and we end up doing it.  It’s a way to survive, and to help our child settle, relax and get off to sleep.  WHATEVER WORKS!!!

I have a 3 year old and a 12 month old, both of whom use a dummy.  It is a never ending struggle to ensure our kid actually has a dummy at their fingertips.  I know many parents who put several dummies in their child’s cot so that there is always one there when they reach out.

The great thing about the Sleepytot is that it has FOUR velcro attachments for dummies – one on each paw.  This means when the child reaches for the bunny in their sleep, they have access to four at once.  No fiddling around, there’s always one there!

Now before I start this, I should say, before I was approached to do a review, I already owned TWO Sleepytots – one big and one small.  So I am WELL immersed in the Sleepytot land!

Sleepytot Sizing
Small on the left, big on the right

The Sleepytot comes in two sizes, small and big.  I have had both and can say that the bigger one suited my child at about 10 months.

The idea is to give your child the Sleepytot (with dummy/s attached), and if they lose it during the night, don’t give it to them – just guide their hand to the bunny and let them do it themselves.  I didn’t really do that (too lazy), I just gave it to my kid and let him figure it out himself.  He did eventually – took a couple of days, but then he was away.

Both of my children still LOVE the Sleepytot.  I have never had one issue with it at all.  When my youngest was 7 months old, and learning to search for the dummy, I attached 4 dummies.  But as he grew older and became less of a gumby, I reduced the number down to 1.

I also used the Sleepytot for random and weird things – like when changing the kid’s nappy.  Soft cuddly toy to distract a wriggler!  Even used it as a pillow.  For the kid, not for myself.  But now that I think about it, not a bad idea ……….

I HIGHLY recommend the Sleepytot.  As someone who has had a couple for a very long time, I can tell you they are a lifesaver.  The fact that you can continue to buy them is great if they get wrecked or lost.  Your child won’t know the difference!

Also, not only is it great for bedtime, it’s great for during the day when they get worked up (which still happens at 3 yrs! DAMMIT!).  The Sleepytot bunny is so soft and cuddly, and my kids easily recognise it as a relaxing item, so it helped to calm them down.  Multiple uses FTW!

The Sleepytot’s price range is $34.95 for a small and $39.95 for a large.  They both come in different colours.  You can order yours from the Sleepytot website.

Be sure to also check out Sleepytot New Zealand’s Facebook Page too – always kept up-to-date and usually have a few posts to chuckle at too 😀

Sleepytot New Zealand also sell a whole lot of other great products – from Sleepytot’s to the Baby Shusher.  They are dedicated to helping you get your wee one settled in bed at night.  Sleep deprivation can drive a woman crazy!! (well that’s what my excuse is anyway) …

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The Sleepytot has been a godsend to me. My little girl loves it and its just so handy for attaching items to or even attaching it to the side of the crib. I came across mine online here

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