The Tired Cry


The Tired Cry

You know the one – where you are just so tired and suddenly everything that’s been on your mind for the last 4 weeks comes out in a huge flow of tears and ugly sobs.

I had that last night.

After spending the day helping out Lisa (from Owl & Monkey) at the General Collective Market, I got home and just burst into tears.

I had the BEST day ever with Lisa, and all the wonderful people we met, but all day I missed my family incredibly.

I actually felt guilty that I was out basically chatting to friends all day (let’s be honest, I didn’t really do much work LOL), eating and drinking, while Phil was at home looking after the kids.

I felt MASSIVELY guilty.

Being with, and chatting to, my friends is amazingly cathartic and I really did have the best time. However when I got home, I just burst into tears.

It was probably a culmination of a few things, but whatever it was, the tears wouldn’t stop. I sobbed and sobbed for at least five minutes; I was just so happy to be home with the family, but overwhelmed with emotion.

To be honest, I haven’t had a cry like that in a while, and it was definitely overdue. I deal with a lot of shit online now and talking about it only goes so far.

When you live your life very simply, and don’t go out of your way to hurt or offend people, having some of the things said to you online can take it’s toll.

For the most part I deal with it quite well (you guys don’t even know half of what is said to me), but sometimes, every now and then, it builds up and spills over.

It’s like that for a lot of people in their lives ya know? You push that shit down, and don’t deal with it really … and then one day it just comes out.

Do you guys ever get that? Just deal with shit in your life, and not really emotionally deal with it, and then suddenly at the weirdest of moments it all just comes out?!

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