18 Things That Drive Me Crazy About Kids

I love my children more than anything in this world, but sometimes they drive me crazy. Here are 16 things that drive me crazy about my kids:


1. Mum Mum Mummy Mum MUM MUUUUMMMMMM Mum Mummy Mumma Mum Mum

2. When they suddenly decide they can’t move – not even 1cm to pick something up; and then refuse to budge until YOU do it. Which doesn’t work, so it becomes a Mexican stand off …

3. Having to repeat myself a million times (and then a million more)

4. Telling them they have to choose being A) or B) to eat, and they choose C, D, and Z.

5. When you ask your kids, in front of strangers, what their favourite food is to eat at home for dinner, and the answer is “McDonald’s” … even more annoying when you hardly ever have McDonald’s ….

6. When kids tell you they are so full they can’t possibly eat dinner, and in the next breath are asking for another 3 course meal …

7. There is no such thing as a peaceful poo (from either the kid or yourself)

8. The fact I have multiple children so that they can play with each other, but I end up spending the majority of the time trying to keep them separated because they just won’t stop fighting

9. When they bring the parent rubbish to put in the rubbish bin, which is literally 2 steps away …

10. When they promise you they’ll “tidy up” but then throw a tantrum when you ask them to do so …

11.When you say “don’t do that” and all they hear is “just try it once”

12. When you leave the house, and ask “do you need to do a wee” and the answer is NO. Yet as soon as you’re in the car, on the motorway you hear “I NEED TO DO A WEE” …

13. When you finally get the courage up to give them cereal and milk for breakfast, and they spill that sh*t everywhere

14. Even at 3 and 5 years old, my kids STILL put everything in their mouths AND/OR lick stuff. Random stuff. Yuck.

15. Constantly runny noses and their inability to wipe or blow it themselves.

16. When the kids randomly scream or yell. Always gives me a hell of a fright.

17. When you put them into bed and literally the moment you sit down and relax they yell out “MUUUM”

18. When kids refuse to eat their dinner but in the same breath announce that they are STARVING.


Don’t worry, to balance it out I’ll be writing a “things I do that drive everyone else crazy” list. Because I do a lot of weird annoying stuff …

What drives you crazy about your kids?


Things That Drive Me Crazy About Kids

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