Unrefined Sweetness, Chelsea Sugar Style


I love using Chelsea Raw Sugar.  Why?  Well if I’m honest, because I can do so much with it, and it has an amazing flavour. Now you’ll probably say “yes Maria, but you can’t necessarily use it in uncooked recipes because the granules are too large and you would crunch down on them when eating the food”.  NOT TRUE! Using a processor, or in my case a NutriBullet, I was able to reduce the Chelsea Raw Sugar to an icing sugar-like powder.  Which means I can use it anywhere, anytime. Not only can I use it in baking, I can use it in my coffee.  And as most of you will know, I am a sweet-coffee lover.  None of this bitter stuff.

Chelsea Raw Sugar is an everyday sugar which can be used in place of our refined white sugar

Unlike refined white sugar, raw sugar retains its natural syrup coating which gives it added flavour and a golden colour. It’s this syrup coating that gives an extra depth to baking and cooking, and even enhances a simple cup of coffee. As such, I’ve thrown together a couple of recipes which utilise the Chelsea Raw Sugar and I highly recommend you make them.


Peanut Butter Cheesecake 01PEANUT BUTTER CHEESECAKE
I’m going to be honest guys, I made this one with myself in mind, but I know you don’t care.  It’s delicious, it’s easy and YOU ALREADY KNOW YOU WANT IT.



Russian Fudge 01RUSSIAN FUDGE
I’ve never made fudge before, but my Chelsea Sugar calendar for October was fudge, so I thought it was totally appropriate to try it with the Chelsea Raw Sugar!



Thumbprint Biscuits 02THUMBPRINT BISCUITS
Get the kids involved in making this one – I sure did!  Ended up being a bit of a disaster, had crater-like thumbprints in the biscuits, but was totally worth it in the end.  Plus this recipe only has FOUR ingredients 😀


Do you have any Chelsea Raw Sugar recipes you’d like to share?  Or have you tried my ones?  Let me know below, or come over to my Facebook page and share your delicious baked goods 😀

To show how much I love Chelsea Raw Sugar, I have a sweet-as $50 Chelsea Sugar Pack to give away.  Just enter below when the competition goes live – I’ll let you know over on my Facebook page 😀


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