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I’m a Mum who uses flannels and warm water to clean my boys mess up when changing his nappy.  I’ve used wipes in the past, but found them less reliable, and ended up using a thousand just to clean up one nappy.

When I go out during the day, I don’t take a flannel with me though, I usually always use wipes of some kind, so when I was asked to try these out, I jumped at the opportunity as these are pretty much all natural, and all water.

WaterWipes baby wipes has won the approval of naturopaths and mums for being specifically formulated for a newborn’s delicate skin. WaterWipes contain just 0.1% grapefruit seed extract and 99.9% purified water, making them ideal for the most sensitive skin.

Suitable from birth and for babies of all ages, particularly those with sensitive skin, WaterWipes are extra soft, strong and absorbent.  WaterWipes are the only baby wipes in the world to be approved by Allergy UK

Well I had to change the mother of all poosplosions, so it was the perfect time to bust the WaterWipes out.

I usually have to take about 6-7 wipes out, in preparation for the cleanup, but in this instance I only needed 2.  The wipes cleaned up the mess no trouble.  They were extremely moist (SORRY, I USED THAT WORD), and mopped it all up in a couple of wipes.

I had heard good things about these wipes prior to using them, but I was impressed.  I did think they were going to be the same as all the other wipes on the market, but I was wrong.  They cleaned up my boys’ mess a lot more efficiently and I think that has to do with the fact there are less chemicals in it.  Now that’s an unscientific observation – just a Mum one.

These are as close to having a flannel with you, as possible, and I think they’re great.

They are available from selected Countdown, New World and Pak n Save supermarkets and online for an RRP of $7.99.  You can also find out more info about WaterWipes from their website: http://waterwipes.com/nz.

Check them out on Facebook too!

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