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It’s not often that us Mum’s get the opportunity to update our wardrobe.  Heck, we can hardly go to the toilet in peace, let alone think about buying new clothes.  Well, thankfully Kellogg’s Special K and Max have teamed up to help us ladies feel extra amazing about ourselves, inside AND out  – you can get yourself a sweet-as discount when you purchase specially-marked Kellogg’s Special K packs.  AND you can go in the draw to win BIG!  More details below after my mega awesome (not) photoshoot!

IMG_9284I went in store to Max, and I’m not going to lie to you – trying on clothes, in store, is my idea of a nightmare. I never look good. I always think the clothes look better on the racks than they do on me in front of those well-light mirrors. And I second guess myself and the decisions I make.

However, I was determined not to be disheartened by the image staring back at me, and with my positive attitude, and the AMAZING staff at the Max Sylvia Park store, I tried on several items that I thought were amazing.

I just have to say a quick thank you to those ladies – like I said above, I am not the biggest fan of trying clothes on, but after chatting to the ladies, they made me feel very at ease and listened to what I had to say about my likes and dislikes.  Also, one of the ladies got me into a pair of size 12 pants.  SIZE 12.  She’s a keeper.

OK.. let’s get to the nitty gritty. My prerequisites when buying clothes are the following:

1. Comfortable
2. Not too tight
3. Make me look skinny
4. Not expensive

With that in mind, I picked out 4 tops and a pair of pants. With these 5 items, I can basically run the world. Here’s what I got:

PLEASE REMEMBER: I’m a Mum, not a fashion model LOLOLOL


The total for these five items was around the $150 mark.  So if you’re looking to update your wardrobe, it’s honestly well worth checking Max out.  Especially with the discount available through the Kellogg’s Special K promotion.

The quality of the clothes are amazing, and you don’t need to spend the earth and the moon to update your wardrobe.  I’ve still got my jeans and all the tops I bought will go nicely with them.  And everything I bought can be paired with a good ol’ cardigan.  Because I’m not sure about you, but I am not a fan of my arms!

IMG_9283Kellogg’s Special K
and Max are collaborating together, to help us feel more confident and positive about ourselves. When you buy two specially-marked Special K cereal or snack packs, you receive 20% off your purchases at Max*. Not only that, but you can go into the draw to win one of 10 Max Wardrobes worth $1,500. HOLY TOLEDO BATMAN! SCORE!!!

Kellogg’s Special K is all about providing a convenient and nourishing breakfast option for us Kiwi women who want to kick start our mornings.

So as well as feeling good about yourself on the inside (thanks to Kellogg’s Special K), you can now feel good about yourself on the outside … unless you already feel amazing in which case YOU GO GIRL! xx

These are the Kellogg’s products that are a part of this promotion.  Click on the name to see more details:

Let me know below: What do you think of what I bought?  How do I look?  

* 20% off offer applies to full price items only.  Offer ends 29/2/2016.


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