What Got Me Through 2017


2017 was a year of highs and lows. What got me through a lot of the time, other than my incredible family and friends, were the shows and movies I watched on Netflix.

Now I realise as a Netflix Streamteam member, it may seem weird that I’m saying this but my love of Netflix goes beyond any kind of sponsored content. I was an avid Netflix watcher well before I was offered a place on the Streamteam.

I love using TV shows and movies to escape reality – especially when it gets difficult.

I love imagining I’m somewhere else, and love having something to look forward to.

So here’s a look back at the amazing shows / movies on Netflix that have helped me this year:





As you can see, I watched A LOT of things this year; and this is probably not even half of it; but these are the shows / movies that got me through.

So tell me – did you watch a lot of Netflix this year? What were your favourite shows and are you like me and use it to help you get through?

PS I was not paid to write this, instead I was asked to look back on the year of 2017 and think about my favourite shows. Thanks Netflix for allowing me to be on the Streamteam!


What Got Me Through 2017

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