Seriously, I Love The School Holidays But …

Seriously, believe me when I say this – I love the school holidays. Well at least I love the thought of it …

Even though I’m a stay-at-home-mum, I still look forward to spending a bit more quality time with the kids. Especially after a year of non-stop play and fun and learning at Kindergarten / School … the kids deserve a break!

Sadly, I am always lulled into this false sense of security around my ability as a parent.

I think to myself “we’ll just spend a relaxed holiday at home, chilling out, doing whatever”.

But “whatever” ends up being fighting.

Between the kids; between me and the kids.


After initially thinking “we’ll just chill out “, some part of me thinks “oh crap I need to entertain my kids“. So I try to plan an outing.

This outing never turns out right.

Take today for example: I made a rookie mistake by forgetting someone’s jacket.

Even though it’s smack-bang in the middle of summer, it was windy which meant someone got cold. So I had to give them my cardigan.

Not an issue, but just one bump in the road which gave the kids a reason to moan.

Then they got tired.

Then they got hungry (I did bring food so that helped).

Then they got bored; so we went home.

They then reverted back to fighting together and I was already too tired to deal with it.

I think I spent most of the afternoon considering running away as my children yelled my name (MUM if you weren’t aware) for the millionth time.

We only have a small house and I’m usually right in front of them – not sure why the name MUM needs to be yelled a thousand times.

Especially when I’m not only acknowledging them, but looking right at their faces while doing it.


Anyway … I love the school holidays but sometimes I wish it would just go and f’k off.

I always feel totally inadequate as a parent, and at the end of each day feel like I need a few years sleep to catch up. This then makes me feel like a horrible parent for feeling this way.

It’s a vicious circle.

Me thinks I need to plan some outings to the Grandparents house …..


Seriously, I Love The School Holidays But …

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