I Bought A Thermomix And It Changed My Life

After much deliberation, and research, we decided to buy a Thermomix – and it’s been one of the best purchases we have ever made.

Now, before I even delve into my latest PURCHASE, I need to make this clear for some people – my husband and I bought this machine on 24 months interest free. We were not gifted it. This is not a sponsored post. This is an “I love this machine and it’s become a family member” post.

I bought a Thermomix and it changed my life.

What is a Thermomix? It’s a German made machine which is an “all in one” appliance. The current model (which is what I have) has a heating element, a motor for fast or slow blending and stirring, and an inbuilt set of scales. It has 12 functions: steaming, emulsifying, blending, precise heating, mixing, milling, whipping, kneading, chopping, weighing, grinding and stirring.

It also has a touchscreen with a guided mode which allows the me to follow recipes step by step.I Bought A Thermomix And It Changed My Life

There are obviously some things it can’t do: it can’t bake, it can’t brown meat, it can’t freeze or make things cold; but it does everything else.

Essentially it helps make cooking easier; it automates the process. If you love cooking over a stove – then it may not be for you.


One of my very good friends Lisa (from Hanging With The Hays) owns a Thermomix, and I had seen it in action many times.

It really did seem amazing but I held back my enthusiasm, because for starters it’s bloody expensive (think $2,000 PLUS). My husband and I had also spent a lot of money over the years accumulating all of these machines to help me in the kitchen – a blender, a mixer, a Nutri Bullet, a food processor, etc etc; and some part of me didn’t want to stop using them. Just on the principle that it cost us a lot of money to get them.

And I also loved to use the excuse “it’s too big for my bench”. Which it’s not, but it was an excuse …

So I’d known about this machine for a long time. I’d seen it in use; and yes I had wanted one. So I did my research – I spent a lot of time researching it.

It actually wasn’t until I made a Thermomix recipe using my regular appliances (and made an almighty mess) that I realised it was time to make the switch.

So I did more research, chatted to my husband about it, and then reached out to a Thermomix consultant.

The thing about the Thermomix is it’s kind of exclusive. You can’t buy it in-store and it never goes “on sale”. The only thing that’s helpful is that you can get it interest free from time to time.

You have to buy direct from Thermomix, and you’re required to have a “demo” of it. Which involves a consultant coming to your house and basically cooking you a meal in it. This is just to ensure you know what you’re getting – research can only give you so much insight, a demo truly allows you to see what it’s capable of.

This aspect of it can sometimes make people feel like it’s a Multi-level Marketing product (Isogenix, Amway, etc) or like Tupperware. It’s not like that but I can totally understand why people think it.


So anyway, we got one.

I was nervous to talk about it on my Instagram stories and on Snapchat, or even anywhere as I didn’t want people to think negatively of me. Although I do realise there’s nothing I can do about it.

However, the machine has truly changed my life; I get excited about cooking.

I’ve made so many dinners now. I’ve made stock pastes, dips and salads. I’ve made gluten free bread (YES!!! AND IT WAS GREAT!), I’ve made grain free rolls. I’ve made custard, chocolate mousse, ice cream, sorbet. I’ve boiled eggs and poached them. AND THERES SO MUCH MORE!

These images were taken from my Instagram stories (be sure to follow me on there!)

You have access to thousands of recipes online that sync up with the machine – as I said above, it automates the cooking process by giving you a step by step run through of the recipe on a digital display.

I can meal plan my week out, and print out a shopping list of the ingredients I need.

I mean: it really has changed the way I think about cooking. Especially because I have Coeliac Disease: I can mill my own flours!

I can set most things going and then run off to do the dishes. Or more importantly actually go and watch my kids do something.

I’m not having to sit and stir something.

I set up a risotto to cook and I didn’t have to spend 20 minutes standing over a stove stirring it. I actually was able to walk away!



I have now had the Thermomix for almost a year now (bought in December 2017) and use it at least once every single day. YES it is an expensive machine, but if you think you an afford it then I would highly recommend booking a demo to see it in action.

The demo is just that – a demo. You do NOT have to buy from this – but it’s the only way to truly know if you want one.

If you want to see it in action just follow me on Instagram (happymumhappychild).

If you want more information about the Thermomix, then check out their website.


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