What Kids Need To Know When They Start School

I worried a lot, as a parent, that my child wasn’t “ready” for school. However, because both my parents were teachers, they gave me a few pointers which I’ll share with you guys too!

I definitely spent too much time worrying about my eldest child. I saw other kids able to read and write before they started school. My girl could write her name and count to 10; and that was it. My son is different – because he has his sister ahead of him, he does a lot of things she never did. He can write his name, just like Chloe could, but he can count to 30. He is also quite advanced with his colouring in and drawing skills, and loves copying words. This is, like I said, because he has an older sister – whom he loves to be like and copies everything she does.

Also, no two children are the same. They all develop and do things differently.


Some parents like their kids to know their ABC’s, and can more than write their name, but in all honesty the teacher at school will also do this.

When your child starts school, there will always be kids who know more than others, and always kids who don’t know as much – and then loads in between.

It’s more important that your child knows how to go to the toilet by themselves, change their clothes, put their shoes on or even get their lunchbox from their school bag. They need to learn to manage themselves, and THIS is what you as a parent need to teach them.

The teacher does the school stuff, you do the life stuff.

Here’s a neat video to help you understand some other the other things that are more important your child knows before starting school:


Take them on school visits. Book in with the school so that they have some time in class BEFORE they start. If they need more than a couple of visits, ask the school!

If you have any concerns, talk to the school – they’re there to help!

Also, take your kid to visit the school on the weekend. Walk around with them, let them play on the playground. That first day can be very daunting, so the more you prep them, then it’ll be less scary for them.

Keep reading to your child too – reading teaches our kids so many things! It teaches kids that pictures tell a story. That there are words on a page.

Sing to your child. Count out loud when ever the opportunity presents. Perhaps even show your child how to hold a pen.

ABC’s and 123’s ARE important for your child to learn, but not THE most important. Do what you can as a parent, but don’t stress. At the end of the day the teacher is there to help them learn – and they’re REALLY good at it!!!

Teachers are truly amazing.


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