Which Baby Formula Is The Best?

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Which Baby Formula Is The Best?

In a lot of forums on Facebook, I see Mum’s asking “which formula is the best for my baby”. In my mind, all of them are good – there’s no one that is bad.

I’ve formula fed my kids and breast fed them, and it didn’t cross my mind once that one formula was better than another specifically. What mattered was how my child’s system reacted to it. We tried Karicare, but our baby’s system blocked up. So we ended up on S26.

As a Mother we always want the best for our baby, so imagine my delight when I realised Stacey from My Kids Lick The Bowl has done a series on Formula. FINALLY something which is easy to understand, but comprehensive enough to give us all of the information.

I highly recommend, if you’re after an answer to “which baby formula is the best” that you read these. Also there is a link for Standard or Gold formula breakdowns …


Click on one of the below links to view the information from My Kids Lick The Bowl:

Best Baby Formula : A Guide for New Zealand

Best Baby Formula : Standard or Gold


Stacey (from My Kids Lick The Bowl) has a BSc in Human Nutrition from the University of Otago, with a Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics. She also has three children – 4, 2 and 18 months (from memory!). So for me, when I read what she’s written, I feel I can trust what she’s saying.

Of course, just like anything, you should continue to do your own research.

In my opinion, more information like this, needs to be out there for people to read. We have so much information about breastfeeding in New Zealand that it’s time we balanced the scales. I applaud My Kids Lick The Bowl for writing and publishing these posts and I hope the information is of some use to you.

My personal stance on the breastfeeding / formula feeding “debate” is: FED IS BEST. I don’t even care if that statement pisses people off. It’s what I believe. Like I said above, I have formula fed and breast fed my children.

Thank you Stacey for putting those pages together ❤


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