Yes My Kids Eat That Much

My kids usually have cereal or toast for breakfast, followed by an apple; and then at school they have their lunch that I make them.

When I pick them up and take them home at 3pm, they’re still hungry. For many reasons, one of which is that they’re growing kids and seem to have a bottomless pit in their stomach LOL.

I actually like making my kids something for afternoon tea. For 2 reasons. ONE: I don’t really want my kids rummaging through the pantry at this stage of their life and TWO: it means I can give them a plate and it’ll keep them occupied for a while.

Here’s what a normal afternoon tea roughly looks like for us:

Yes, my kids eat that much. Sometimes they eat more, sometimes they eat less. Sometimes they eat the leftovers in their lunch, but not that often.

That food is to tide them over from 3.30pm until 5.45pm. They might also have an apple and/or a yoghurt. Some days they have their leftover lunch for afternoon tea – it really depends on the day.

YES, they eat their dinner.


My kids just eat a lot at this time of the day; it doesn’t mean anything other than they’re hungry. Every child is different and this is just one of those times.

I know loads of kids who eat a full eggs, toast and bacon breakfast – that’s just too much for my kids at that hour of the morning. It doesn’t mean something is wrong with the child, it means they’re different.

Just because mine eat a lot doesn’t mean they won’t eat dinner.

Just because you don’t give your kids afternoon tea doesn’t mean you’re starving your kids.

It simply means each of our kids have different needs.

How much do your kids eat for afternoon tea?

Yes My Kids Eat That Much

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