You Don’t Do WHAT?!


You Don’t Do WHAT?!

Here’s a list of things I do and don’t do as a parent:

  1. I don’t wash my kids’ pyjamas every day
  2. I sometimes feed them McDonald’s or other takeaways
  3. I don’t cut my kids’ grapes or cherry tomatoes in half anymore (only if they’re ABSOLUTELY hugemongus) – because they’re old enough now
  4. I give my kids cocktail sausages
  5. I don’t wash my kids’ hair every night (or every second night … or third for that matter)
  6. I let my kids watch devices before they go to bed
  7. I sometimes play on my phone in the toilet instead of going to the toilet
  8. I give my kids jam sandwiches
  9. I don’t give my kids wholegrain bread; just plain white nutrition-less bread
  10. I vaccinated my children (GASP: let’s not start down that track … but it is the truth)
  11. I let my young children jump in the Jolly Jumper
  12. I didn’t co-sleep
  13. I breastfed
  14. I bottlefed
  15. I don’t vacuum every day
  16. I don’t give the kids juice (just water, unless it’s with McD’s)
  17. I got an epidural during BOTH births
  18. I used to hide pieces of meat in my kid’s macaroni, so they would actually eat it
  19. If my kids don’t want to eat something I’ve made, they have to try it at least TWICE before I’ll say “ok”
  20. I ask my kids to clean up before moving on to the next activity
  21. I yell at my kids (I’m not proud of it, but it happens)
  22. My go to “snack” for my kids, is an apple
  23. I don’t care if my kids see me drink a glass of wine
  24. I sometimes put store-bought biscuits into my kids lunches, as a treat every now-and-then

Whether you do or don’t do any of the above is none of my business: I don’t care either way. My decisions and choices are not up for debate, and neither are yours.

It is not my place to tell you how to live your life, and I have full faith in you that if you are unsure of what to do, you will research it (whatever it is).

If I ever write *GASP* I don’t wash my kids’ pyjamas every day; just read it and don’t take it personally. Have a giggle. I am in no way having a go at anyone. I’m simply saying I don’t do it. And in all likelihood, the reason I don’t do something is because I’m lazy.

I would never intend to offend anyone with my words.

I am not a nutritionist, or a health professional. I am a professional idiot and still-new Mother (5 years hardly counts as “professional” haha) so all I can offer you are my opinions and experience. Nothing I say is gospel. I am not preaching or telling you guys what to do: I am simply sharing myself.

You take what you want from what I say: read, watch, listen; and then you do with that information as you please.

Again, I have to trust that you as a parent are able to make decisions for yourself. If I didn’t trust that, then I would be running a Parenting News site sharing all of the important information you should know.

If you ever need any advice: Google it, research it, chat to your GP, chat to your friends or a professional in the area you require … and do exactly what you should be doing with me: taking it all in and deciding for yourself.


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